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Ableton Live

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#81 VMart


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Отправлено 18.03.2008, 17:41

Просили залить ещё раз. Ловите AbletonLive-7_0_1

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Отправлено 19.03.2008, 16:39

интересное видео о том как делать минимал в канцертных условиях))

кстати уже месяц как аблетон обновился 7.02

Changes in Ableton has updated Live to v7.0.2:
* Several updated or corrected info texts.
* Updated Manuals.
* Updated Lesson pack.
* Smaller button for automation lanes.
* Include the track index only in automatic names, but not in user names (also not in the routing choosers). To include the index manually, you have to prefix the custom name with one or multiple '#' characters.
* Support for Propellerheads Recycle 1 files (.rcy).
* Info texts are not only displayed on mouse over but also when a corresponding object (clip, track, parameter,...) is selected.
* The current velocity value when creating a MIDI note is kept globally. Changing the velocity of the MIDI keyboard also updates the current velocity value.
* Update bitmaps for fold buttons.
* MIDI Surface Controller support for Faderfox LV1, LX1, LV2, LX2, LC2 & LD2.
* There is a 'PreviewAlwaysSyncedToSong' entry you can use in the Options.txt file. With that option, Live does not use heuristics to determine the clip tempo when song is not running for pre-listening in the browser.
* On Windows, MME is now used as the default instead of the DirectMusic for MIDI ports that provide both types. We are still working on a solution for the drop-out problems some users experienced when using a Remote SL-based MIDI controller surface with a DirectMusic port. If you have that problem, we currently recommend to use MME instead of DirectMusic.
* Drum Rack Support for Korg KONTROL49 & microKONTROL.
* Windows only: If the DebugOption "-_EnsureKeyMessagesForPlugins" is set in the Options.txt, we make sure that all key messages reach a plugin's window in front. That way, edit fields are again editable in the NI VST plug-ins. On the downside, key messages do not reach Live anymore as soon as some objects in the window of the VST plug-in are selected. Thus, for example, once an edit field has been edited, Live's playback cannot be started via Space until Live's main window regains focus.
* In the mixer, chains are now treated as any other track concerning solo. That way soloing a chain in the Session mixer mutes every track except the one containing the Rack.
* Control Surface support for the Korg ZERO8.
* Previous version of Live only accepted zero-length MIDI notes when the Options.txt entry "-_AllowZeroDurationNotes" was set. Now zero-length MIDI notes are accepted by default and the option is not longer required.
* Dropping instruments onto tracks, pads or chains replaces the complete device chain and not only the previous instrument. To replace the instrument only, you can drag it over the previous instrument.
* The inline Rack mixer provides an "Extract chains" command via its context menu.
* Control Surface support for the Akai MPD32.


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Отправлено 19.03.2008, 16:43

интересное видео о том как делать минимал в

мб сюда? а то ютьюб глючит

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